App Design

Design is the process of taking your business requirements, then combining that with customer feedback, platform conventions, and best practices. We achieve a product that meets both your business and customer needs.

  • We talk to your business team to understand your goals.
  • We survey your customers to discover how to achieve those goals.
  • We review your brand standards to ensure your app matches.
  • We create a mockup of your app.
  • We iterate on that mockup with your business team.

Though you might have designers on staff, they may be unfamiliar with mobile conventions. Whole Punk can offer feedback at the design stage to make your app better.

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mobile development

Whether you need Android or iOS development, we've got you covered. Whole Punk has experience producing apps, SDKs, and prototypes on both major platforms.

  • Our apps are native code. We don't do PhoneGap.
  • We integrate with the newest platform features, when it's appropriate to your business.
  • We keep you aware of platform guidelines to make sure you don't run afoul of App Store reviewers.
  • We're pragmatic, using third-party SDKs whenever it's appropriate to reduce development cost.

Building a mobile app takes different skills that building on the web or desktop. If your core focus is on other platforms, we'd love to lend you our skills.

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When you're in search of an OK on the specifics of a forward-thinking app plan from your boss, validating your own genius app idea, or looking for funding, the strongest argument for an app's potential is an interactive prototype.

Rapidly create polished, shareable iOS app prototypes with the Codeless app on your iPad to give you a big headstart getting from idea to investment, without needing any programming knowledge.

  • Pixel-perfect designs use (and export as) real Apple components, instead of image-only mockups that don't actually function, skipping tons of time and back and forth as you decide on design
  • Real dynamic elements: Codeless builds real actions right into every tap, every swipe, and every transition.
  • Easy to save, share, test and iterate: in Codeless, you choose your own colours, designs, interactions, and transitions -- and share a functional preview to see how users flow through the app, as you create.
  • Your app, your code: Exporting your app creation creates real code you can hand to any iOS developer in the world, which puts you in charge of your code, to expand as you see fit. Design and implement the 'front end' of your app for free, and work from there.
Go Codeless

App Design

We'll match your business needs to customer feedback and best practices. Good design is the first step to a good app.

mobile Development

Whether it's Android or iOS, we have the experience to create an app that's both well-executed and beautiful.

Test Punks offers on-demand or long-term app testing: we write custom tests, automating where we can, and hand-verifying all test failures.