Three Months to Launch:

Our customers use apps to expand their brand onto mobile, create new product lines, and create added value for their existing products.

We offer fair and transparent pricing, deep expertise on iOS and Android, and a polished process.

We are currently accepting new customers starting projects in March. Launch in June 2020.


Step One: Free Client Interview

Over the past 7 years, we've learned what questions to ask.
Client interview helps us learn about your app before we get started.

Before we decide to work together, Whole Punk has a unique interview process for new clients. We've found a winning combination of questions that we work through with you to help us understand the app you want.

Schedule a time to hop on a Skype or Facetime call with a skilled developer. We'll help to work through the details and kickstart your thinking.

Schedule Your Client Interview

Step Two: Interactive Design

You never really love an app until you can put it on your phone.
We build your app's interface upfront, working with you to refine on it.

We skip Photoshop and head straight to the screen, where you can tap, drag, and feel your app in your hand. Our unique approach helps us narrow in on your apps interface.

Three Months to Launch includes up to ten custom designed screens.

As your team gives feedback, we'll work with you to nail it down into a practical, launchable design.

⏳ Time Box: One month.

➕ Custom Screens: $5000 Canadian / additional screen.

A Few Rules

Our goal is to ship your app. That means we do things differently.

The Schedule Matters

Our job is to ship your app. On time and on budget. You'll get plenty of fair warning, but when the schedule says we stop going back and forth on design — we stop.

Buy "Off the Shelf"

We have many different designs for each of the common screens most apps will use. We focus effort on what makes your app unique, not custom designing your FAQ screen.

No Redesigns

Once we're through the interactive design, the goal is to build out what we've agreed upon. You don't re-design your kitchen when the house is half built.

High Involvement

We're going to talk with each other every single business day. Your help allows us to tighten up the interface, verify functionality and answer questions about details.

If you're not cool with that, stop scrolling now. Your money's no good here.
Image Image

Step Three:
Screen by Screen

Now that your app looks the way you want, it's time for it to act the way you want. We'll add logic and data to make your app function, one screen at a time.

Focussed Testing

As each screen is finished, you'll receive a new version of the app. Once you've signed off, we move on to the next screen.

⏳ Typical Time: Five Weeks.

Step Four:
Content Updates

Nine weeks into the process, we'll be getting ready to ship. We know that you're going to want to update text and images throughout the app. It's almost impossible to look at a loading message every day without thinking 'Let's change that up'.

⏳ Time Box: One week.

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA at sunset.
This photo was taken from the Marin Headlands.

Step Five: App Review

Apple requires a mandatory review period for all apps. We'll shepherd you through the App Store Review process and help resolve any conflicts that emerge.

Once that's done, it's time for you to launch your app! There's a button you push. It's awesome.

⏳ Timeline: Two weeks.

Interested? Let's Talk!.

I'm Bob Warwick. I run Whole Punk Creators. We're a tiny development shop, which means we can only take a few clients every year.

Punch in your information here and I'll get in touch soon to try and make our calendars work together.